Import Help and Purpose of this Tool in Detail

Nov 27, 2013 at 4:39 PM
Respected Community Member,
Thanks for the great idea behind the tool. I am sure this gives more productive idea to handle solution task.
I did downloaded your solution and imported into CRM 2013. When I imported and published it, in the beginning it didn't appeared into Settings menu. What I did is went into Customization settings and then followed the Import Solution Task Entity and in the option, I checked to display it in settings. Then it did appeared into settings.

1) Can you please confirm, this is how we enable displaying this new entity or it should appear automatically??

Also one more question I have is The purpose of this tool

2) Does this tool is tied with Solution Import/Export wizard automatically?? or not??
what I mean by this is, Do we have to follow this tool to keep importing solutions manually every time we import any new solutions into CRM 2013 or as soon as we import into CRM Solution Import wizard, the solution should appear into This entity??

Please assist.

Dec 17, 2013 at 9:24 PM
Hi Nick, sorry for the delay (i don't receive these messages in my email, i'll check it to set it).
i try to answer:
1) yes, you need to add the entity manually in the sitemap. i'm thinking to change in managed solution to add also the sitemap changes. The purpose of this tool is to have in one place (in a CRM entity) a log of the solution imports (dates, users, and zip files), and also the posibility to use the async import solution.
2) no, if you use the stardand import wizzard, this import it will not show in this entity. you need to import with this new entity.

regards, and thanks